The WilloughVale Inn on Lake Willoughby in Vermont
Family Day Trips

Day 1

Woke up for the first time in Vermont to a beautiful sunrise! Dad was already cooking local eggs for breakfast. After eating we walked down to the lake to watch the early morning fishermen and boats go by on the crystal blue water of Lake Willoughby. I was lucky enough to spot a neighboring Loon swimming near the shore and knew this was the beginning to a great week ahead. After sight seeing around the lake, we decided to hit the trails and hike the nearby Mt. Pisgah with our packaged lunches. The hike was amazing, we found a beautiful spot on the trail to sit down and eat, overlooking Lake Willoughby and the surrounding mountains. We could see rock climbers climbing the huge rock face on Pisgah's towering cliffs. After lunch, we headed back down the mountain trail and to the inn for some lawn games near the lake. Dad grilled hamburgers on the deck while we played and enjoyed the sun until it set. The hamburgers came out great as we all sat around and discussed the plans for the rest of our week. It was getting late, and we figured it was time to get some rest for tomorrow’s adventure!

Rope Swing

Day 2

Another beautiful morning as I arose from bed to the delicious smell of mom’s famous fresh bacon, eggs, and toast! After finishing my meal on the deck we took out a canoe and paddled to the middle of the lake to take in all the breathtaking scenery surrounding us. We returned to the beach and headed back to the cottage to pack a picnic lunch and get ready for a bike ride. We rented mountain bikes from East Burke Sports and headed out to ride the famous Kingdom Trails for the day. We rode around and enjoyed some of the easier trails on Darling Hill - a spot known more for beginner mountain bike riders. On the way home we stopped at the River Garden Café. The food was delicious after a long day of biking. We headed back to the Inn to set out and find the local “rope swing” near the South end beaches. We rented the Inn’s motor boat and set out on the lake! After a ride down the lake we came upon the rope swing and both my parents and I had to try it – it was my first and definitely not my last time on a rope swing. It was getting dark so we headed back, the sunset was once again beautiful. Heading back to our cottage we reminisced about our long day.

Day 3

Had breakfast in bed! Pancakes with Vermont Maple Syrup and a glass of milk – can’t beat it. There would be no packing of a lunch today as my parents informed me that we were day tripping to the town of Stowe which boasts great restaurants throughout the small town. It took a little over an hour but the sight of Mt. Mansfield assured me that we had reached our destination! Our first stop was a walk through the shops on Main Street; I was able to get tea from the local Black Cap Coffee shop and some Maple Apple Drizzle to bring home from the Mercantile Store. We headed up “Mountain Road” as all of the locals referred to it to find ourselves lunch at a nice little pizza shop known as Piecasso. After finishing my calzone we headed farther up the winding road until we reached the base of Stowe Mountain Resort. We parked our car and quickly headed to the Gondola for a ride to the top of Mt. Mansfield! When we reached the top we spoke with a few locals and they showed us the “Cliff Trail” which led to the highest visible point in Vermont known as The Chin! After the climb we were amazed at the breathtaking views that surrounded us, in one direction we could see Lake Champlain and far off in the other direction were the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Before leaving the resort we headed over to the Spruce mountain to conquer the Alpine Slide – the last adventure of the day. Upon leaving town we stopped for dinner at The Whip. Dinner was delicious and the Sac de Bon Bon dessert was amazing! The ride home was fast as I fell asleep minutes after we left, upon arrival back at the Inn I slowly got out of the car and headed straight for my bed- what a day!

Mountain Biking
Lake Willoughby

Day 4

Today is our last day at The WilloughVale Inn and it's a cloudy morning, we decided to venture to the Pump House Water Park at Jay Peak. On our way there the clouds seperated opening the bright blue sky with sunlight. The Pump House had a retractable roof, and just as we were entering they were opening it up! This made floating down the activity river even better. We tried out the 60 foot free fall of La Chute, this was definitely a must ride more than once, as we did it over and over again! We played basketball in the pools and were able to try out body surfing! Our day was winding down and the sunset was incredible, we decided to eat at Gil’s Bar and Grill at the Inn for our final dinner. After dinner we took one last walk down to the waterfront to see the beautiful stars reflection off the calm lake – very relaxing. The fire pit kept us warm as we cooked marshmallows over the open flame and made s'mores. The stars were all out and looking more beautiful then ever - we didn't want to leave. We headed back in and rented a movie from the Inn as we all settled in for our last night on Lake Willoughby!

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